Youtube - Tips to Increase Views

YouTube is the second most visited online website in the world. More than two billion people use it every month – a third of all Internet users. Where you will see various types of videos like entertainment, education, comedy, etc. If you have a YouTube channel but that has very few views, in this article, we will give you full details on how to increase views on YouTube.

Most people have a YouTube channel, but some of them have good views on YouTube, while others have low views, there are many reasons. As a result, this view doesn’t appear even after you have a collection of great videos on your YouTube channel. Unless you’re well-prepared for your videos, the views on your YouTube channel won’t go up.

How to Increase Views on YouTube

Worldwide, people watch videos on YouTube for over a billion hours a day. If you want to get more views on YouTube, then in this case you have to respond to audience comments, create video playlists, draw capture thumbnails and there are many other ways you can get views on your YouTube. can increase.


  1. You Can Share On Social Media
    Today almost everyone is familiar with social media. Social media is a great way to add high-quality views to YouTube. After uploading a video, when viewing begins to increase, YouTube’s algorithm will show it to as many people as possible. Usually, after uploading a video to YouTube, people leave it as it is, which is wrong. If you are new to YouTube you should share your videos as much as possible on social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, etc. With this, more people will see your video and its growth will increase.
  2. Reply to Comments
    Your work does not end with uploading a video to YouTube, and you should respond to the views of your viewers. This establishes a positive relationship between you and the audience. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. Many times it is also possible for viewers to ask questions that you do not know the answer to, so ask your friend to answer them or you can take the help of Google and if you still don’t get the answer.
  3. Create a YouTube Channel Blog
    It would be great if you make a blog for your channel. With this, you can also encourage them by sharing videos on the blog and monetize with Google AdSense on the blog and earn money.

You can also choose these tips

  1. Select Beautiful Tags
    By using tags, you can bring your YouTube videos to the next level. If you choose tags without focusing on keywords, then you will not enjoy them. So choose only keywords that have good tags. Keywords should be related to your topic, not, otherwise, you may find YouTube Community Strike in your account. Don’t fill in too many tags, only tag those related to your topic.
  2. Rename Video File
    After making a video, it should be renamed, after making the video, most YouTubers uploaded it without renaming it, which is a bad way. After making a video, always use keywords in the video file title. This will help you to be included in that keyword. To change the title of the video file, you get the option to rename it, where the title can be changed.

More Tips

  1. Provide an Attractive Icon
    New people on YouTube don’t know the meaning of the Thumbnail. Thumbnail is an image that appears with a video in YouTube search results. When your tick attracts more people will see your video. This is why you should use icons in such a way that the user can understand the title of your video. Many YouTubers include thumbnails that are completely different from the video. If you make such a mistake, then it is considered non-compliant and because your video can also be removed.
  2. Explain the Keywords
    An English word meaning means to tell in detail about a topic or topic. The description should include only the main point such as, what topic your video is on, why the video should be viewed and what the user will learn from the video. put, the explanation should be brief and to the point. While giving a description to a video, try adding some keywords to it. Remember that it does not provide any unnecessary keywords in the description, as it is against YouTube policy and may remove your video or disable AIDS.
  3. Focus on the main points
    Current trends are very important. The trend means what people talk about a lot. If you want to find new and even higher subscribers or views on YouTube, then you should analyze the most recent headlines and make videos about them. You can find out what’s going on right now through social media.

How to Make YouTube Channel Popular

Every YouTuber here wants its YouTube channel to be more popular. To make YouTube channels popular and popular, you need to take care of the following important things and use them.

Step 1: Solve the Problem

You have to solve all the problems of your viewers. This will make your fans love your channel even more. No matter what your channel is related to, you should upload such videos. For your viewers to get the full details.

Step 2: Enter quality content

You must put quality content on your YouTube channel. A lot of people think that videos should only be set for entertainment, but that is not the case. You can teach something with your videos. If you know something, you can upload it by making a video.

Step 3: Upload daily content

You have to upload one content every day. Because at first, no one knows. If you add content every day, your viewers and subscribers will begin to increase. By posting content every day, people will start to see your channel.

Step 4: Share video

You should share your video as much as possible. For this, you can use social media. You can copy the video link and share it on your Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. You can join such groups on social media when the population is higher.

Youtube - Tips to Increase Views
Youtube – Tips to Increase Views

How to get the YouTube channel up

Bringing the video to the top of Google search also increases the visibility of your videos. To bring YouTube videos up, you should follow the important tips given below.

Keywords Research: If you want to show any of your videos on Google, then in this case you should analyze which name or keyword is used to search for that video title. You can add that keyword to the title of the video.

Thumbnail: This is a very important way to increase views on YouTube. It is only by looking at your icon that the user decides whether to watch the video or not. Video thumbnail also appears in Google search results. That’s why you should keep certain important things in mind in your thumbnail.

Right and Clear Title: The video title is very important to the video. Enter the most searched keywords at the beginning of your topic. This will increase the value of your video and will be rated.

Create Searchable Video Articles: You should make videos on such searchable topics. If you make videos that are not searchable, your video will not have any value. So make videos on such topics that are searched.

How to Advertise YouTube Video

To promote YouTube videos, you must follow the steps provided below.

Write Smart Description – Description is the most important part of video promotion. 5000 characters are available to write a youtube video description. Of the 157 characters selected by the search engine caption engine. So when you publish a video, write only what is related to the title, and instead of using keywords in it, use only keywords.

Use the Card & End Screen – In the YouTube Dashboard, you find such make-up features that help us increase visibility. Which card and end screen is the best feature. Make sure you use a card and a mirror for each video. The video card button should be said in a verbal call to action, such as “Hit the ‘Button” or “Check This Playlist” etc.

Last Words

You can increase views on your YouTube channel by following the steps outlined in this article. But if you are new to YouTube, it is not that by posting a video, it is rated. This requires periodic content inclusion. If you do everything right then within one to 2 months you will see growth in the channel.

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