Play Store App - How to Create ID

We all know, when you buy a new Android phone, for the first time, the account must be set up with the Google Play Store email ID. Because without this you can’t download any app. Most people do not know how to create a Google Play Store ID, so friends, today we will tell you in detail how to create a Google Play Store ID in this post.

Google Play Store is a Google app that comes with all Android phones. After picking up a new Android phone, we need to create a Google Play Store ID to access Google Play Services in it. if you don’t know how to create a Google Play Store ID, then friends, now you don’t need to worry at all, because today We will explain to you the full details of how the Google Store ID.

Apart from this, if you want to create a new account by deleting your old ID, we will also tell you how to delete the Google Play Store ID, so to know this, read our post from start to finish.

Play Store App - How to Create ID
Play Store App – How to Create ID

Create a Google Play Store ID

Creating an ID in the Google Play Store is very easy, if you want to learn how to create an ID for your phone or PC Me Play Store, then you can follow these steps.

First, open the phone play store on your Android, it comes inbuilt to mobile, if not your device you can download it.

A page will open in front of you where it says ‘Do you want to Add an Existing Account or Create a New Account’, This means that you already have an account.

If you already have a Gmail account, then click on Existing, enter your Gmail ID details and log in, otherwise click ‘New’ to create a new account.

With a new click, a page will open in front of you where you have to write the first and last name, and then click Next.

Now select your date of birth, gender and click Next.

You will now be asked to provide your username, this username will be your email and Gmail account, which you can use by setting up @ You can also use Alphabet or Number on username, after providing a username, click Next.


If you provide a username and someone else has used that username, then you will see that the username is taken Try another one labeled and you will also provide the usernames suggested below to choose from. After choosing a username, remember it because you may need it to sign in to any website.
Now you will see the option to create a password, here you have to provide a strong password that you can remember because with this you will be able to access the Google Play Store.
After assigning Create a Password, you will need to provide the same password again in ‘Confirm Password’ and click Next.

Verify Mobile number

Here you must enter your country (country of the house) and 10 digits ‘Telephone Number’.
Confirm your phone number

If you do not want to provide a number, then you can skip it, but it is necessary to provide a phone number as this will verify your Gmail account, after entering the number, click Next.

You will now be asked to verify your number, with this click on Verify.

Now 6 Digit ‘One Time Verification Code’ comes to your number, enter it in entering Code and click Next.

After verifying the Google Account, you will see ‘Terms and Conditions, click on ‘I Agree’ there.

Get your Google Account created, nowhere you have to enter your email ID and Password, you have to enter the username you gave the email ID to, then click Next.

You will see a Google Drive option that will be enabled already, if not enabled then enable it and click Next.

Now you will see the payment option here, for paid apps, if you want to buy paid apps in the Google Play Store, then you can add your bank card and credit card to it or if you don’t buy paid apps. If you want, then click on ‘No Thanks’ and click on ‘Continue’.

You will now log in to the Google Play Store and see all the games and apps here, now you can download these apps.

So you see how easy it was to know how to create an Id Store. Now it’s time to remove the Google Play Store ID, so let’s find out.

How to remove Google Play Store ID

It’s very easy to delete an account in the Google Play Store, you can have a personal reason to delete the account, if you want to delete your Gmail account in the Google Play Store, then you can follow our steps:

First, open your phone settings.

When you scroll down, you will see the ‘Account and sync’ option, click on it.

Now you will see the Google option there, click on it.

You will now have your Gmail ID in front of you, where you have to click.

After clicking on Gmail, you’ll see three more dots, click on them.

Here you will see the option to delete the Account, click on it.

You will now have a Warning Message in front of you, after reading it click on Delete Account.

The Google Play Store Account is now deleted from your phone, which you can check by going to the Google Play Store.

What is a Google play store?

This is an app service provided by Google to Android users, where many apps are available. It also contains applications for your work in entertainment, which you can download and install. This is Google’s official platform, where all apps are compatible with your phone version, which you use without any problems.

Apart from this, all the apps available in it are completely safe to use and whenever a new feature is added by the App Owner, we also give you the notice to update the app. With the update, you can get from that new feature on your device.

That’s why Play Store is so beneficial for your Android phone. But, for this, you will need to create a Google PlayStore ID, which gives you the full details in detail above.

Last words

In today’s post, you learned how to create a Google ID. If you have created a Google account on your device, then you are ready to enjoy it by installing your favorite app on it.

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