PGDCA full form, Eligibility and Syllabus

PGDCA Full Form


Complete PGDCA Form (Post Post Diploma Course in Computer – Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Application). It is a 1-year technical course, in which the minimum degree must be 10th, 12th, and 3rd-year degrees in any field. The average Indian tuition fee for PGDCA courses is between INR 10 thousand to INR 20 thousand in one year. If you are also looking for a good job in computer science after graduation, then PGDCA might be a good option for you. Today computers are widely used everywhere. If you do PGDCA again it will be very helpful for you to get this job. The full PGDCA form is “POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN COMPUTER APPLICATION”.

If you have just graduated and want to do a job in computer science then this might be a good option for you.

What is PGDCA

PGDCA eg Post Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application is for those graduates who are interested in computer programming. This program allows students to gain technical knowledge in computer programs. PGDCA is an annual diploma course divided into two semesters of 6 months each. This course is a higher education than DCA (Diploma in Computer Application) that can only be done by graduate students.

When you apply for any job you can show this computer diploma. Students who want to be admitted to the PGDCA course can apply for PGDCA accreditation at universities such as PGDCA IGNOU, Makhanlal Chaturvedi University, in addition, there are other universities where you can offer this diploma course.

During the PGDCA, students will be educated on computer-focused topics including the development of the latest computer software. How many courses are there in the PGDCA, you have been told below:


basic computer visibility
App Software Packages Focused on Other
DBMS conceptualization
Computer Organization and Architecture Introduction to Computer Technologies
System Analysis and Introduction to Linux Design

PGDCA program
Any student who is interested in taking the PGDCA Certificate course should see the PGDCA syllabus once. Keep in mind that the PGDCA theme or syllabus for all universities may be different while others are similar:

Editing (VB.Net)
Information Technology
Internet and E-commerce / Web Page Design
Software Development
Domain Management System
Application (Windows, MS DOS)
Communication Skills
Project activity
Computer Basics
MS Office
(PC Packages) MS Access
Full details on PGDCA topics and when to do PGDCA.

How old is the PGDCA and Full form PGDCA

The full PGDCA form is “POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN COMPUTER APPLICATION”. In India, a one-year PGDCA study period can be done by any student after graduation. Even if you have graduated from any subject, you can do a PGDCA course. There are 2 semesters in 6-6 months in this course, in the first computer semester course, such as C, C ++, MS Office, Java, Tally, etc. Project work is given to students in the second semester. If you want to take a course in the field of computers as a computer operator, then an engineer can do this course.

Benefits of PGDCA
There are many PGDCA courses or benefits of the PGDCA Course, some of which are listed below:

After conducting a PGDCA study, the biggest benefit to the recruiter is in the workplace. This helps the candidate to get a job in government, private, banking, insurance, stock market, etc.
In this case, the candidate receives basic computer knowledge as well as advanced knowledge.
After conducting these studies, candidates can also open a government agency such as – Online Center, Kiosk Banking, CSC Center, etc.
PGDCA candidate Ke Bad can also get direct access to the MCA and MBA.

Work behind the PGDCA

Many students have the question of what to do after PGDCA and then tell them that after PGDCA, many avenues of work are opened.

computer operator
Data Entry Data
internet operator
Office Assistant
Basic plan

How much is PGDCA?

PGDCA fees can range from 12000 / – to 20000 / – as a separate institution may have different fees for PGDCA Course Fees. You can also do a PGDCA course at any well-known university such as IGNU, Makhanlal Chaturvedi University, in addition, there are other universities where you can do this course.

The conclusion

So friends, now and you must know that after the PGDCA, there are many job opportunities open to us. Once you have graduated and your interest is in the computer field then this diploma course could be a great option for you.

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