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Friends, today we will talk about online mp4 to mp3 converter, how we can convert mp4 video to mp3 online. This question must also come to your mind why there is a need to convert mp4 video to mp3. We will also give you the answer in this article. Stay tuned for our post/article.

Why do I need to convert Mp4 to Mp3?

Well, there are many reasons to convert mp4 to mp3. But we will tell you the reason which is more famous nowadays. Friends, today’s era is the era of social networking. In such a situation, people fast on social sites only, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. So it is obvious that people must also put entertainment videos on Instagram or on Facebook. Those entertainment videos people like to make more on songs or poetry which is done by lyrics.

For example, Rahul liked a video on an Instagram reel and downloaded that reel to “online Instagram reels video download”. But now the issue is that he has liked the audio of this video, only then he has downloaded that Instagram reel. Rahul has to add that audio to his clip with the help of a video editor. Now Rahul will need an mp4 to mp3 converter. If we tell you simply, Rahul needs the audio of the video clip so that he can make his video on that audio.

Or many times it also happens that someone needs an mp3 clip when he wants to set this audio clip to someone close to him or his mobile phone as a ringtone.

Friends, hope you have understood why we need audio or mp3 files. Next, we will show you “Online Video Converter Mp-4 to Mp-3 – How to?” In this post, I will tell you how you can convert mp4 video to mp3. Stay tuned with this great article of ours.

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How to Online Video Converter Mp4 to Mp3

Heartfelt thanks to all of you for reaching here. Here we know how to convert mp4 video to mp3 that too online. Let us tell you one important thing that for this you must have an internet facility. We will let you know with the full preview. And this process will work on your mobile phone and computer, laptop.

Step1: First of all you have to search in the internet browser of your mobile phone or computer. You can also search it on Google.

Step2: After searching on Google, you will see the first link with the title “MP4 to MP3 Converter – CloudConvert”. You have to click on that link.

Step3: On clicking on the website, such an interface will appear in front of you as shown in the picture given below.

Mp4 to Mp3 Converter Online For Free - How to?
Mp4 to Mp3 Converter Online For Free – How to?

Click On the “Select File” Opetion

Step4: You have to click on the “select file” option.

Mp4 to Mp3 Converter
Mp4 to Mp3 Converter Online For Free – How to?

Step5: On clicking, the gallery of your computer or mobile phone will open, from there you have to set the downloaded file from your mobile or computer. And there will be a button on the right side of your computer, here mp3 will be written. You can see this in the below picture. by clicking the button
You will see aac, AIFF, FLAC, m4a, mp3, WAV, WMA files. Keep in mind that in this button you have to select mp3 only because today we are only going to tell you how to download mp3 files from mp4.

Mp4 to Mp3 Converter
Mp4 to Mp3 Converter Online For Free – How to?

Step6: After Selecting, the Convert button will appear on your computer screen, you have to click on it.

Mp4 to Mp3 Converter Online For Free - How to?
Mp4 to Mp3 Converter Online For Free – How to?

Step7: On clicking the convert button, the uploading process will run in front of you. After running the process for some time, a pop-up will come in front of you on which close and download will be written. You have to click on download. mp3 file will be saved on your mobile phone or in your computer. You can see what we are trying to say in the picture below.

Mp4 to Mp3 Converter Online For Free - How to?
Mp4 to Mp3 Converter Online For Free – How to?

So friends this was the simple way to convert mp4 file to mp3 online. We hope you have understood everything.

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