Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Scheme

Today we will discuss the receipts of the Government of India and the schemes given by the government from time to time. The government is running different schemes to help the poor and backward people, one of them is the MGNREGA scheme. MGNREGA scheme is a very important scheme for backward categories.

Boon for backward classes

Through this, the government gives employment opportunities to the backward classes through MGNREGA. MGNREGA stands for Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Scheme. The official website related to this scheme is NREGA, and you are viewing this post through our website UKSS. Now we move on to the information related to this post.

Today we will discuss the benefits

Today we will discuss the benefits of this scheme and who can take advantage of this scheme. The government has to give work to the backward classes through this scheme. Since we do not have work and we want to work then this scheme is a good employment opportunity for us. Earlier we used to work for 100 days under this scheme, but now by improving this scheme we will work for 150 days.

Government brings some scheme for the poor people

From time to time the government brings some scheme for the poor people. We should take advantage of those schemes. This plan is also one of them. Under this scheme, good opportunities are being given to those youth who like to work. All work is good if there is a determination to work.


This scheme starts by the UPA government in the year 2005. With this action, the workers get 100 days’ salary and rent. But in 2021 it has increased from 100 days to 150 days. Job cards give to the candidates working in it under NREGA. Under this scheme, candidates have to work within 5 km. Candidates who are willing to apply for this prestigious job should submit their application forms offline mode. The application form submission process has started. Applicants must read the requirements before applying for the above post.

MGNREGA online Apply

Mgnrega Yojana

Today we will teach you how to apply online in MGNREGA in Uttar Pradesh through this post. As you are seeing in this picture, first of all, you have to go to After that click on your job seekers and go to the next page.

Now on the next page, you will see an interface like this. You can’t log in because you don’t have an account. For this, you have to first click on New User Sign Up.

Rojgar Yojana

Now a new interface will open in front of you, in which you will have to fill in your name, mobile number, email, your user id, and 8-character password. After filling in everything, you have to click on submit. After submitting an OTP will send to your mobile number and you will have to verify that OTP. Your ID and Password will generate only by verifying.

Reenter page

Now you have to go to the login page again and fill in the username and password that you had kept while registering. The next page will open in front of you.

Next Colom

Now on the next page, you will see something like this interface. In this, you have to fill in 9 steps.


After filling in everything, your profile is ready. Now you have to apply for your job, as you see in this picture. First of all, you have to click on “Apply for Jobs” and fill in whatever is wrote in it. Like how much salary do you want in which district etc? Click Search Now. Along with Mgnrega, you will also see other jobs which you can get according to your qualification.

MNREGA income

Earlier, the government used to give a daily wage of Rs 182 to a person working in MGNREGA. But now the government has released a package of 20 lakh crores for the MGNREGA scheme. as a result of which the government will give a daily wage of Rs 202 to every person working.

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