Men's Day - Happy International 2021

Men’s Day is an opportunity for people to enjoy the men in their lives. This holiday is celebrated annually on November 19 to celebrate men’s cultural, political, and economic achievements. According to its website, International Men’s Day was founded in 1999 by Drs. Jerome Teelucksingh, professor of history at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad Tobago. However, this day is not only a celebration of the good role of men in society but also an effort to promote gender equality. To that end, “Better Relationships for Men” is the theme for 2021 International Men’s Day.
Here are some WhatsApp wishes, greetings, quotes, messages, that you can share with the most important men.

It is my privilege for a man like you to support me in everything I do. We wish you a wonderful international day for men.

On International Men’s Day, thank you for your unfailing love and support.

You put your family above your own. He works hard for our good. Thank you for all you do. We wish you a wonderful International Men’s Day!

I wish the most important man in my life a Happy International Men’s Day. You are appreciated and loved!

Men's Day - Happy International 2021
Men’s Day – Happy International 2021

Call out to all men who exercise their right to do good. You are one of them, and that is why we love you!

It is a measure of your beauty that you sacrifice your happiness because of our smiles. today and forever. We wish you a Happy Men’s Day!

A real man is not afraid of tears. You know that they are signs of power. We wish you a wonderful international day for men.

May you find everything you wish for in this International Men’s Day

Quotes for sharing International Men’s Day 2021:

Robert Green Ingersoll says “The great man is a lamp in the dark, a light in the night of superstition, inspiration, and prophecy.”

Samuel Johnson says “A person’s true character is the way he treats a person who does nothing for him.”
Thomas Paine says “A real man smiles at trouble, gains strength from grief, and becomes courageous by meditation.”

Mehmet Murat Ildan says “The first step to becoming a good man is this: You must feel deeply the stones that others are carrying.”

Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather says “A man who does not spend time with his family will never be a real man.”

“Life is too short to be short. A man can never be a man as he feels deep, acts boldly, and expresses his feelings freely and enthusiastically.” – Benjamin Disraeli

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