Kyle Rittenhouse Trial - Kenosha shooting case

Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial: A young American man accused of shooting three people during a riot on Wisconsin streets last year has taken steps to protect himself. Kyle Rittenhouse burst into tears, forcing a short break, as he described how “corner” several men were doing and defending themselves. Prosecutors said, Mr. Rittenhouse, 18, was looking for a problem that night. The teenager has denied all charges. But the whole case came to a head-on Wednesday when the defense attorney called for a hearing after the judge angrily accused prosecutors of inappropriate questioning of the defendant.

Mr. Rittenhouse faces charges of negligence, intent, and attempted murder after shooting dead two men and injuring another in the city of Kenosha on August 25, 2020.

Riots broke out on the city streets two days ago after police shot dead a black man, Jacob Blake. Mr. Rittenhouse had been on his way to town from his home in Illinois and, armed with a handgun, said he wanted to help protect property on the streets.

What about the murders?

Taking a dangerous stand against any of the defendants in the murder case, Mr. Rittenhouse said: “I did nothing wrong. I defended myself.”

Explaining the incidents of riots at the judges, he said he had heard people shouting “get him”.

Video evidence shows a young man with a gun shouting “friendship, friendship, and friendship” in the crowd.

“The person who attacked me first threatened to kill me,” he said of Joseph Rosenbaum, the first person to shoot him. He told the judge he believed Mr. Rosenbaum was holding a chain at one point, though he later learned that it was a plastic bag.

The judge asked for a break after Mr. Rittenhouse burst into tears as he began to explain in front of a judge before the killings. Her mother was seen crying in the garage.

When he returned to the stable, the young man said that he had no place to flee at the time, and he later added: “I did not intend to kill. “

Kyle Rittenhouse Trial - Kenosha shooting case
Kyle Rittenhouse Trial – Kenosha shooting case

Mr. Rittenhouse said

Mr. Rittenhouse said he shot and killed Mr. Rosenbaum after Mr. Rosenbaum put his hand on his gun.

A video from the scene shows a teenager falling to the ground while being chased. Mr. Rittenhouse said it led him to fear for his life even more, as several men met him.

He pointed out that Anthony Huber, the second person to be shot by Mr. Rittenhouse, hit him with his skateboard and tried to grab his gun.

He said Gaige Grosskreutz, a man with a stab wound to the arm, approached him and pointed a gun at his head.

Mr. Grosskreutz, the third person to be shot by Mr. Rittenhouse, testified this week thinking that Mr. Rittenhouse was “an active shooter” as he pulled out his own gun and approached her.

“I brought a firearm to protect myself but I never thought I would have to use a gun to protect myself,” he said. Rittenhouse.

How did prosecutors question him?

Prosecutors argue that Mr. Rittenhouse got himself into this situation and intended to kill everyone who shot him that night.

When questioned, prosecutor Thomas Binger challenged the right of young people to own a gun and sought to question the quality of his medical training.

Mr. Binger – Kenosha’s district attorney general – also questioned the sincerity of Mr. Rittenhouse, referring directly to a social networking site where Mr. Rittenhouse said he was “just trying to thunder” and photos claimed by prosecutors were showing him. placing the provocateurs far to the right.

But a series of questions by Mr. Binger drew numerous angry sentences from Judge Bruce Schroeder, who accused him of violating pre-trial decisions to present evidence unrelated to the trial.

“You are an experienced lawyer,” shouted the judge. “I don’t know what you mean.”

Law enforcement agencies continued to beat the heads until the afternoon, as prosecutors continued to raise issues with the testimony of Mr. Rittenhouse also accused him of changing his story to fit the story.

How did the trial come about?

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

A successful proposal for a racist trial will not be contested by prosecutors.

Judge Schroeder did not rule on Wednesday but agreed to take it “under the guidance” based on the future conduct of the prosecution team.

Leading attorney Corey Chirafasi even suggested that prosecutors may have been seeking a trial because the case was “so bad” for them.

What did Mr. Rittenhouse in Kenosha?

Mr Rittenhouse said at the stand he was in town because he had seen the damage caused by the riots. He especially noted by seeing on social media that a police officer was thrown a brick at the head.

He details how he interacted with other armed citizens to protect a series of car dealerships, adding that the owner was “delighted to be there”.

Prior to the shooting, Mr. Rittenhouse said, he has provided medical assistance to at least two people. He said he had worked as a firefighter and the first responder cadet in his hometown, so he was able to provide first aid and emergency care.

He also revealed that he and others had been roaming around extinguishing the fire and clearing up the documents.

The state adjourned the case on Tuesday. Mr Rittenhouse is the third witness in the defense and his testimony could be crucial in determining his fate.

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