ITI full form and

ITI Full Form

In this article, first of all, know the full form of ITI. After the full form of ITI, we will give you some more information about ITI. ITI Full Form is “Industrial Training Institute”. Let us know about the full form of ITI, now let’s move on to our article.

What is ITI

Do you know what an ITI is? Your answer is NO! So let us tell you, ITI i.e. ‘Industrial Training Institute’ is an industrial course. ITI means a center where you can get public and private services. In this post, we will talk about the same topic what is ITI? Those students confused about what to do after 10? Or what should you do after 12 ?, advising them on various subjects they are familiar with, one of which is ITI.

Such students may enter ITI, want to gain technical knowledge, or are unable to continue their ongoing studies after 10th or 12th grade for some reason, ITI is the best option for them. In this article, you will learn what ITI is? If you also want to get information about ITI, stay tuned for more ITI details in this article.

What is ITI

ITI is an institution that operates under DGET (Directorate General of Employment and Training). This training provides students with Vocational Training.

ITI full form and
ITI full form and how to take admission in it

In an ITI certificate course, students are taught industrial skills and employment. Its purpose is to develop such skills and abilities for students so that they can do business or get a job at an early age. If you do this course, then you get a job in any public and private department.

Now you know what ITI is or what ITI means. But if you want to know what happens in making an ITI or what is needed to make an ITI. So this stays up to the end of the article. Because only then will you be able to get information about ITI.

The ITI department empowers employees and industries and businesses. Here students are taught specific tasks that can be performed in almost any industry or business. This lesson can be done by students who have passed grades VIII, X, and XII. This prepares a person for employment over time. An ITI certificate holder can find employment in the electrical, mechanical, and manufacturing departments.

How to apply for ITI

The Recruitment and Training Unit conducts the admission process for ITI courses in each region. Usually, the adoption process takes place in June each year. There is no admission test to gain entry into the ITI course. Applicants must apply online for ITI courses on the official ITI website. Nominees are selected on the basis of a list of eligibility and eligibility criteria.

What documents are required to apply for the ITI, told further:

Domicile certificate
Birth certificate
School Leaving Certificate (SLC)
Passport size photo

ITI Study Details

Now let’s see how many types of ITIs there are? Many types of trading and courses are available in ITI. All these studies were divided into two parts.

Engineering ITI – In Engineering ITI you will study Mathematics and Physics.

Non-Engineering ITI – In this case, you will learn things related to everyday life.

Here are some ITI courses to choose from based on your qualifications –

Electricity ITI
Civil Designer
Digital ITI Photographer
ITI hair and skincare
Processing of Fruits and Vegetables ITI
Tea Fire Brigade
Cutting and sewing
ITI Shoe Maker
ITI Library and Information Service
Apart from this, there are many other lessons you can do depending on your choice.

Eligibility for admission to ITI

Other qualifications are required to take admission to all these courses-

Qualification for Education: The candidate for baptism should have passed 10th + 12th on any recognized board.
Age Limit: The age of the nominee must be a least 14 years and the greatest of 40 years.
Candidates from the 10th exam class will also be able to apply for the MP ITI examination.

How long is the ITI course

Some courses can be done in 6 months, another 9 months, one year and another 2 years. In good ITI colleges, both public and private, there are written ITI examinations. After passing the certification, the candidates will be baptized.

How much is the ITI Fee?

At some private colleges, the cost of ITI courses ranges from 5 thousand to 50 thousand per year. If we are talking about the same government college, then there is no ITI funding in general, but in some public colleges, there is a least grant of up to Rs 7000 / -.

What happens after doing an ITI
When a student completes an ITI, they are awarded an ITI certificate (AITT – All India Trade Test) or (NTC – National Trade Certificate). With these certification courses, you can get a job in any private and public department. Applications are sought from ITI candidates for many government jobs in India, to which you can apply.

Last words

How did you search for this information, tell us with a comment? If you have little education or have little time to get a job and are interested in a well-paying job the ITI is best for you. I hope you found this article informative and where you found the following information.

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