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Live Score, India vs New Zealand (IND vs NZ) First Test: The first test match between India and New Zealand is played between two teams at Green Park Stadium in Kanpur from today. India captain Ajinkya Rahane won the toss and chose to bat first. Shubman Gill played an inn of 52 runs.
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India completes 200 runs

Shreyas Iyer and Ravindra Jadeja have built a wonderful and important partnership. Collectively, the two added more than 50 runs in the fifth wicket and Iyer completed his half-century. India points after 68 overs: 202/4, Shreyas Iyer (50 *), Ravindra Jadeja (20 *)

Debutant Shreyas’s half-century

Playing for the first time in the Tests, Shreyas Iyer has completed his first century in 94 balls while batting well.

A century-long partnership between Iyer and Jadeja
Shreyas Iyer and Ravindra Jadeja made a significant partnership of more than 50 runs on the fifth wicket. India points after 66 overs: 195/4, Shreyas Iyer (46 *), Ravindra Jadeja (17 *)

Shreyas Iyer approaches halfway through the century

Shreyas Iyer who is playing for the first time in the Test is hitting well and has added 45 runs with Ravindra Jadeja. He himself is close to half a century. India points after 64 overs: 192/4, Shreyas Iyer (44 *), Ravindra Jadeja (16 *)

Expectations from Shreyas Iyer and Jadeja

Shreyas Iyer and Ravindra Jadeja have shared 25 runs so far. The Indian team is expecting big innings from these two to reach the big points. India points after 60 overs: 170/4, Shreyas Iyer (29 *), Ravindra Jadeja (10 *)

India vs New Zealand 1st Test
India vs New Zealand 1st Test

Tea time

The second session after lunch was called by Kiwi skiers. India lost one wicket before lunch, after which three key Team India players were eliminated. The Indian team scored 72 runs in 27 overs throughout the season and lost three wickets. India points after 56 overs: 154/4, Shreyas Iyer (17 *), Ravindra Jadeja (6 *)

India completes 150 runs

150 Indian team runs have been completed. However, he has also lost the wickets of his four key players to get here. Ravindra Jadeja and Shreyas Iyer are currently in the crease. India points after 54 overs: 150/4, Shreyas Iyer (15 *), Ravindra Jadeja (4 *)

Jamieson’s third victory, Rahane also threw

Kyle Jameson appears to be the biggest killer of the Indian Team. He also made another major contribution to India in this regard. This time Jamieson broke the bail of captain Ajinkya Rahane. Rahane was bowled out for 35 runs off 63 balls. India points after 50 overs: 145/4, Shreyas Iyer (14 *), Ravindra Jadeja (0 *)

The Saudi hunted the Pajara

Things changed in India for the second session after lunch. This time the Saudi found Pujara trapped after a wicket in Blundle’s hands. Pujara was bowled out for 26 runs off 88 balls. India points after 38 overs: 106/3, Shreyas Iyer (0 *), Ajinkya Rahane (10 *)

India completes 100 runs

10 runs out over Ajaz Patel. Cooperation between Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane. India points after 37 overs: 106/2, Cheteshwar Pujara (26 *), Ajinkya Rahane (10 *)

Shubman Gill b

India did not start well after lunch and Kyle Jameson blew Gill into the final over the ball as soon as he arrived. Gill played an inn of 52 runs off 93 balls before being sent off.

lunch break

It is a lunch break in Kanpur. After losing the first wicket prematurely, Cheteshwar Pujara and Shubman Gill used a good partnership and dealt very well with the spinner visitors. Gill has completed his fifties. India points after 29 overs: 82/1, Cheteshwar Pujara (15 *), Shubman Gill (52 *)

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