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The full form of ESR is “Erythrocytes Sedimentation Rate”. Doctors get the patient’s blood cells tested with ESR tests. Through the ESR test, your doctor diagnoses problems like inflammation or any other type of infection in your body. Most people do not know about the ESR test, so today we will tell you complete information about the ESR test in our current article.

If you see symptoms of any disease in your body, you will need to have an ESR test to confirm the disease, The purpose of conducting an ESR test is not to catch any specific disease, it only shows that something is wrong with your body. Through the ESR test, the doctor gets information about a specific problem in your body. If there is a disease, this test helps the doctor to find out the cause of the disease.

An ESR test is a type of blood test, in which a blood sample is examined in a test tube and it is found that the red blood cells stay at the bottom of the test tube.

With an ESR test, a problem with your body is caught, such as feeling swelling and fever, getting an infection, If there is any disease, an ESR test is done along with all the other tests, which greatly helps the doctor in diagnosing your disease.

Due to the increase in ESR

In pregnancy
In old age
due to anemia
having thyroid problems
due to lymphoma
having gout problems
pain in muscles and joints
In rheumatic fever
What happens when the ESR goes up
high cholesterol
kidney disease
thyroid disease
What happens when the ESR decreases
Heart Failure Failure
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Low Plasma Protein
Sickle Cell Anemia
Signs of increased ESR rate
Joint pain
neck and shoulder pain
physical fitness
blood in supermarkets
sudden abdominal pain
bone infection
infection and inflammation

What is a standard of ESR

The baby’s ESR after birth should be about 2 Mm / Hr.
Standard ESR Test Range: Adolescents should have an ESR within 2 to 13 Mm / Hr.

The woman is under 50 years of age, her ESR should reach 20 Mm / Hr.

If a woman is over 50 years old, her ESR test should reach a normal ESR 30 Mm / Hr range.

The man is under 50 years of age, his ESR should be about 15 Mm / Hr.

If the man is over 50 years old, his ESR test should be in the normal range of 20 Mm / Hr.

How is the ESR blood test performed?

To perform an ESR test, a blood sample is taken from your body using an ESR test kit, and the sample is sent to a laboratory for testing, When that blood sample is placed in a thin and long glass tube and the blood pressure is measured for one hour.

If you have inflammation somewhere in your body, abnormal proteins will form clumps of red blood cells, which will increase the weight of red cells and cause them to fall off faster. It is measured in Mm / Hr (millimeters per hour), which lets the doctor know if you have a problem or not.

Home remedies to avoid raising the ESR level

To reduce the ESR level in the event of an increase, you should first find a problem. Because your ESR level has increased.

The easiest way to prevent any disease is to maintain a balanced lifestyle. as this can prevent the ESR from increasing by improving your lifestyle by changing your diet:


You should do at least half an hour of daily exercise, such as walking, aerobic or swimming, etc. This is very helpful in reducing inflammation in the body.


Yoga is very helpful in keeping our bodies healthy, to reduce the level of ESR, you should practice regular yoga.

Avoid oils, peppers, spices, and sugary foods

Don’t eat too much oil, spicy foods, and sugary foods as it increases cholesterol.

Drink plenty of water, eat raw vegetables

Drinking water keeps our body hydrated, keeps our muscles and bones healthy, and reduces inflammation, so you should drink 1-2 liters of water daily with raw vegetables, and change soybean oil. Use olive oil.

So these were some of the steps you can take to stop the ESR from growing. In the event of an illness, an ESR test is performed along with all other tests, which helps the doctor in diagnosing the disease.

Home remedies to reduce the rate of ESR level

Neem purifies the blood by removing the infection.
Antibiotics are found in turmeric, which helps to remove the infection from the body and reduce inflammation. You can mix turmeric in milk.
Fenugreek works very well in increasing immunity, its use also removes inflammation, it is bitter but beneficial for health.

ESR Test Price

The cost of this trial may vary depending on the hospital. Anyway, bring us some of your favorite figures – For the ESR Blood Test, you will have to pay Rs 100 to Rs 500 in most places.

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