Communication Process What is it, type, and function

Communication is the process of exchanging information from one place, one person or group to another. In the past, when there were no means of communication, it used to take a long time for us to send and receive any information or details, but now in this modern world of technology, many means of communication have become available, so now anyone can communicate anywhere. So friends, in today’s post, we will tell you all the information related to communication such as what is communication, what is social media, and what types of communication are, etc.

In today’s modern world, everyone needs communication. Today everyone is connected to the whole world because of the means of communication. These means of communication have made our lives easier. By the way, today everyone exchanges their information using one way or another. But not everyone knows what communication is. That is why today in this post we will tell you the full details.

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What is communication

Any process of exchange of information is called communication. That is, when we transfer our information from one place to another through a process, that is called communication. Information technology has made communication easier. The Internet is used in this regard. Through the Internet, we can access any information from us to another person in a very short time.

In the past, it used to take a lot of time to transfer information from one place to another. But now it is much easier to exchange information because nowadays many ways have been found with us to exchange any information and information now that people are living at home and moving from one country to another, Information can be accessed again and takes less time.

In modern times, the first way of communicating is through our voice and our language, in this case only through people who share their thoughts, feelings with each other and communicate by word of mouth. he is alive. can exchange information.

So here you know what communication is, let us know now how many types of communication there are and what the communication process is?

Communication Process What is it, type, and function
Communication Process What is it, type, and function

Types of communication

There are four types of communication, let us know in more detail:

Internal Personal Communication
In this case, the person is in contact. And in this case, man is alone. This means that one thinks mentally, makes plans, if one dreams or thinks, then it is under Intrapersonal Communication.

Two people are involved in this type of communication. When two people are talking to each other, it is called Social Communication. This communication takes place face-to-face. It can be anywhere in the form of words, pictures, symbols. In this case, there is a direct connection between the two people.

Group Communication
In this case, communication is done in groups. Everyone is a member of a particular group. When more than two people in a group have a particular conversation on a particular topic then it is called group communication.

Mass Communication
It means mass communication. It’s a great way for group communication. It means passing any information to the public with the help of the media. Mass communication refers to the connection with a large group of people. Mass communication

Types of communication technology

Half Duplex
Full Duplex
With simplex, the sender can only send data or data and the recipient can only receive, which means that communication between sender and receiver occurs in the same way. Keyboard and computer check.

Half Duplex
In the duplex halfway, the data is exchanged between the sender and the receiver, but one-sided communication is possible at a time, both being unable to communicate.

Full Duplex
In a complete duplex, the exchange of data or information between the sender and the receiver can take place on both sides, for example, our mobile phone.

Communication Process
We apply the process of daily communication in our lives. Its process is as follows:

Sender / Source
The one who transmits any information to others is called the Sender. During the conversation, the person exchanges thoughts. And the object spoke by, or the information sent, is called the Sender.

The message
The sender sends the message to the person. In this, he sends thoughts that come to his mind. It can be in the form of an image or a sign.

Encoding (notation)

When we use symbols to understand the information provided. Coding is called.

The medium used to send a message is called the medium. When we pass our message on to others. There are many types in the middle.

It is the process by which the recipient receives the encrypted signals from the sender.

The recipient
The recipient is the recipient of the message. and the message to which it is sent. By accepting this message, you understand the point of the main person.

Feedback (with each confirmation)
Kind of information. provided by the recipient to the sender. On the basis of this, the sender can determine whether there is a need for this change in the information provided by him or her.

Last words

In today’s post, we’ve told you what communication is and you also know about the Elements of Communication in this post. I hope friends, we have given you some good information on this.

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