Article 16 - Uk still ready to trigger in EU-N. Ireland row, Truss Says

Article 16: LONDON – The United States is ready to take a two-pronged approach to suspend exports to Northern Ireland, Foreign Minister Liz truss said on Saturday ahead of talks with the European Union.

Truss is expected to hold talks with EU Deputy President Maros Sefcovic next week to resolve differences over Brexit’s post-Breastit trade plans in Northern Ireland, part of the United Kingdom that shares borders with EU member Ireland.

To avoid cross-border border crossings between Ireland and Northern Ireland, Britain, and the EU have agreed that Northern Ireland will operate effectively within the EU commodity union, as checks are made on goods traveling between Britain and northern Irenad instead.

However, there has been controversy over how this works – especially for assets intended to remain within Northern Ireland – and the mediating role of the EU judiciary.

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Truss wrote in the newspaper

“I want a negotiated settlement but if we have to apply the legal provisions including article 16, I am determined to do so,” Truss wrote in the Telegraph newspaper.

“There is an agreement to be made,” he said but added: “I will not sign anything that sees the people of Northern Ireland unable to benefit from the same tax and spending decisions as the rest of the UK, or who still see goods moving in our country under test.

under Article 16, the united kingdom and the EU may individually decide to suspend portions of the protocol governing trade with Northern Ireland in the event of major practical problems or trade diversions.

Article 16 - Uk still ready to trigger in EU-N. Ireland row, Truss Says
Article 16 – Uk still ready to trigger in EU-N. Ireland row, Truss Says

Truss replaced David Frost as Britain’s Brexit spokesman in December after he stopped protesting in the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Frost used to raise hopes of using Article 16 when negotiations had stalled.

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